Lance Briggs: Comic Books?

Some what of an odd combo, big violent football player & comics.

Lance Briggs has passion for comics as much as playing for Chicago Bears – ESPN.


The Ice it be coming…

To those of us who love to ice fish this warm weather to put it mildly “SUCKS.”  You have to wonder what we’ve done to have such a bad run of weather this time of year? I know most people like the mild start to winter, but lets not forget there is a whole industry out there relying upon the start of the next Ice Age.

While I enjoy the break with the heating bill and for the most part it’s not a bad thing to not have to dress like an Eskimo, “Enough Already,” lets get on with winter and start making some Ice.

Water is damn hard to stand on when  not “Frozen.”

Backwater of Mississippi
Better Times