Vegas, short and sweet.

Just leaving Vegas, I believe this town hates me. My wife and I gambled a total of $2.00 in Sin City.


Photo from Pinball Hall of Fame.


Day one “Carnival Cruise”

Day one

Woke up after late night of gaming with Tom. Just three hours of sleep to my credit and doing fine. Currently on board the “Fun Ship Valor” of Carnival cruise line after a flawless morning of travel. No real troubles to speak of other then a close call with Bambi and her two kids on highway 52 in the wee hours of the morning.
Exhausted and tired Tracy and I took a nap in the late afternoon after lunch and the mandatory safety meeting. With a two hour nap to my credit Tracy and I made our way to the Lincoln dinning room for the evening meal. Ironically we ordered the exact same things to eat, iceberg lettuce salad with blu cheese and pan fried tilapia, for desert we each ordered some thing different and shared as to not make to much of a pigs of ourselves.
After a brief walk around the ship with a cup of the worlds strongest coffee we returned to our room to find our TV was not working. In typical Bob and Tracy fashion we politely bitched about it to our steward who claims hell get it fixed yet this evening.
All in all a very good day, looking forward to Key West and seeing Hemingway’s home and those freaky cats.