Tuesday, August 20… morning walk…who needs a gym?

North Meadow Trail 9 AM Oxbow park outside of Byron Minnesota, slightly overcast.About 68°, extremely humid outside. First rain in weeks… smells great out here. I can hear the bees across the grass humming after the fresh rain. When back in the woods the air is stifling, the canopy is extremely thick considering how dry it’s been this year. Pics below.

2nd Bridge Oxbow, park
2nd Bridge Oxbow, park
2nd Bride Trail
2nd Bride Trail
Meadow Trail, Oxbow Park
Meadow Trail, Oxbow Park
Self explanatory....
Self explanatory….

Beautiful morning for a walk at one of the primer county facilities in Minnesota.



With all the wet weather It’s been a little tough to get the 4wheeler out and enjoy the local trails. Usually I’ve taken them out two or three times by this point in the spring however this year it’s been a little late going with the cold weather and abundance of water.


Snake Creek


Trout Valley pics, one of the hidden gems of local Minnesota ATV Trails. While not very long in actual miles it makes up for it in beauty.


Another Day at the Gym

Another day at the Gym in my simple world.
This morning I went to Oxbow Park in Olmsted county just outside of Rochester, MN for a little morning workout.
Passed a number of trail joggers while out this morning and have come to the conclusion they are not a sociable crowd.



Get outside!!!

Exercise outside

I’m gonna start this entry with a very simple comment, ” I hate the Gym.”
There, I said it! No regrets…heh, heh.
Today I went to Oxbow Park in Olmsted county in SE Minnesota. I did this for two reasons…
1. “I hate the gym.”
2. “I need the exercise.” Especially #2.

Why I don’t go outside and spend more time doing something I like is somewhat of a mystery to me? By going for a walk on a relatively easy trail system at a local county park I get multiple benefits the least of which is exercise.
I’m not going to rant about the beauty of the great outdoors or the cardio-vascular positives of good solid exercise, I’ll just let the pictures talk for themselves.
By the way have I told you “I hate the gym.”