Why A Blog?

“MY Feet are Freezing” is a simple joke in response to a common complaint of mine to always having cold feet. I jokingly told my wife once “I will cash in my pension in order to keep my feet warm.” To which she replied; “Your ice fishing, you know standing on the ice, your feet are supposed to be cold.” She just doesn’t get it.Pac-Boots

This blog will be about any and everything that comes to my mind, I will limit the topics to anything or anyone. That being said I have a affliction with technology (video games and Apple products) as well as Ice Fishing. I’m not afraid to engage in any type of banter with the exception of religion (which I find Boring). Look for pictures and pictures as I have an unlimited data plan with my mobile phone carrier and would love nothing more than to waste their bandwidth.


One thought on “Why A Blog?”

  1. Hello! I’m communications lead for the Whitewater Watershed Project. I’m developing a GIS story map of the watershed and would like to include one of your photos of Trout Valley. May I?

    Thank you!
    Nancy North

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