If Sony wants PlayStation Now to succeed, it has to treat us better than GameStop | Polygon

If Sony wants PlayStation Now to succeed, it has to treat us better than GameStop | Polygon.


IDW Games To Publish Ratus Cartus This September!

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Rattus CartusThis fall, IDW Games will bring a pox upon the house of any gamer brave enough to pick up a copy of their new card game, Rattus Cartus. Rattus Cartus is a card game based off the International best selling Rattus series of board games. In Rattus Cartus, players compete to gather up loyal servants and merchants to aide in their quest for the crown, however, adding men means adding menace when every person you talk to could bring the black death into your house.

Featuring almost 200 cards, including 12 unique buildings and six different classes, Rattus Cartus is a medieval worker placement, blind-bidding game for 2-5 players that can be played in 30 to 45 minutes. The variety of buildings and character classes means there’s plenty of replay value in this killer card game.

Look for Rattus Cartus to hit stores in September.

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Hugh Howey Wool #1

Here is the somewhat anticipated Hugh Howey comic adaptation of “Wool.”

WoolWool is a apocolyptic future where humans have been forced underground into “silo’s” to live. “Silo’s” are for all intensive purposes vertical cities protruding into the earth. For those of you who haven’t read the series it’s a science fiction series on Amazon, with a very decent price point if you don’t mind e-books.  It’s a great read, we’ll now see how the comic book series does.


SDCC 2014: SDCC Sends a Cease and Decist to SLCC

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Saturday as folks were enjoying San Diego Comic-Con, a letter made its way through the press from Salt Lake ComicCon concerning a cease and desist letter they received from SDCC concerning their use of the word “Comic-Con.”  San Diego Comic-Con, or Comic-Con International as they’re going by now, trademarked the term in 2005.

comic-con trademarkHere’s a link to the letter SLCC received from SDCC’s law firm of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. And here’s a copy of the press release that Salt Lake Comic Con sent out.

San Diego Comic-Con International vs. Salt Lake Comic Con 
– San Diego Comic-Con International sends cease and desist order siting intellectual property infringement for use of name of “Comic Con” –
SALT LAKE CITY, July 26, 2014 – On Friday, July 25, 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con (http://saltlakecomiccon.com/) organizers received a cease and desist order from San Diego…

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