With all the wet weather It’s been a little tough to get the 4wheeler out and enjoy the local trails. Usually I’ve taken them out two or three times by this point in the spring however this year it’s been a little late going with the cold weather and abundance of water.


Snake Creek


Trout Valley pics, one of the hidden gems of local Minnesota ATV Trails. While not very long in actual miles it makes up for it in beauty.



Finally a Nice Day

It appears the good weather is finally here so I took to the Douglas trail for some exercise.


The trail is little rough from the long winter.

It never ceases to amaze me how pretty the outdoors can be so close to suburbia.


Game Time

While listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other day it dawned upon me that I waste a ton of time. The host of the show claimed to have almost 71 hours of game-play on a game that had only been released three days. Now my math isn’t all that great, but a game thats been released for 3 days has only been on the market for 72 hours. How in the heck does this guy have 71 hours into gameplay when the game is 72 hours old? Not too question the guys fortitude on a game he claims isn’t that good…but he’s gotta be stretching the numbers just a bit. Ok I’ll admit it, I don’t believe him.
Just the fact a person has that many hours to game is in itself incredible, especially considering he claims to not make any money as a game journalist or amateur podcaster.
Just saying!!!!

Another Day at the Gym

Another day at the Gym in my simple world.
This morning I went to Oxbow Park in Olmsted county just outside of Rochester, MN for a little morning workout.
Passed a number of trail joggers while out this morning and have come to the conclusion they are not a sociable crowd.



Get outside!!!