8 pin for profit

Just a quick observation. I have a ton of money in these apple ad-ons such as this Bose iPod, iPhone dock.


With the new 8 pin connector I would have to scrap this hardware and purchase the new compatible dock.

You have to love and hate apple all in the same thought.

Viva Capitalism…


Enjoyable Day at #THEBANK


I consider myself an avid Gopher Football fan, so I’m a little embarrassed to say I have not seen
a game since September 5, 1982. Yeah I know…it’s been awhile…but in all fairness they have had
some issues being a legitimate college football program for shall we say…50 years.

On Saturday I returned to see the states Division One (FBS) program play at their relatively new stadium aptly named “TCF Bank Stadium,” which opened three years ago.
I must say I’ve only seen a handful of games in person, that said, I also appear to be in a minority of
people who have seen the Golden Gophers at their old on-campus stadium “Memeorial” back in the early 80’s.

I have to give it to the University as well as to the state they’ve done a nice job creating a on- campus experience to see a football game.

However if there is one thing I would complain about it (other than the horse shit parking) would be the way they’ve pigeon-holed the students into the end zone behind the band. In theory this seems like a nice idea, however it just doesn’t create a real rowdy or loud atmosphere needed to have a real advantage. I realize they don’t charge much for students to be at the games but if your trying to create a home-field advantage for your team it seems you might want to let them sit behind the bench of the home team. Under no circumstance am I advocating giving students the whole side of the field, I understand the importance of great seating for the alumni. It just seems shitty to put these students in crappy seats where they can barely be heard from when there paying top dollar to attend school.

All in all it was a great time with exception of parking, which on a overall basis is not close to the stadium. I parked at the East River Garage which was a 25 minute walk to the stadium.

My suggestion is to get there early and enjoy a nice day on campus at a top notch facility, there are loads of things to do and see, it’s much more entertaining then going to the Metrodome.